Welcome to A&C PharmTech

Welcome to A&C PharmTech

A&C Pharmtech is a premier chemistry contract research service provider for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. With experienced chemistry and management teams, A&C Pharmtech provides our clients with optimal outsourcing solutions, ranging from catalog products, inhibitors, API & intermediates, discovery and medicinal chemistry, process chemistry to customer synthesis at a competitive cost and on time delivery 

 A&C Pharmtech has operation laboratory in Bridge Business Center, strategically located in Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, which is a state designated center for chemistry research and development, life sciences and manufacturing. Our mission is to ensure our clients business successful by delivering novel and powerful solutions in the most efficient way to accelerate the drug discovery and development processes. 

What We Offer...

  • Process Chemistry
  • Discovery Chemistry
  • Custom Synthesis
  • API & Intermediates
  • Inhibitors
  • Screening Libraries
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Biotechnology Services

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